A recent addition to our growing roster of lovely escorts, Nikky hails from Russia, where she modeled for a wide range of products, including luxury jewelry and fine lingerie.

Fluent in Russian and in English, the 23 year old is far from being simply the “girl next door”, with her tantalizing brown eyes and fiery red hair being her more first-to-notice assets. Matched by her firm and toned body, Nikky’s simply an exotic vixen, with her sensuous side naturally exuding from her by just being.

Though new to the streets of Boca Raton, Nikky’s quite familiar with where the best clubs are, as well as in the know regarding where the best place to dine are. Those whose interests include long intimate dinners followed by intense partying all night will find Nikky’s appetite for such pleasures thrilling, at par with the expectations which one pegs on such a lovely woman.

Not one to easily shy away, Nikky’s open to private stripteases, but only if she is allowed to touch her audience of one. She’s all too familiar with the rules, but as Nikky herself would put it, she’s not afraid to break them, if only to satisfy your wishes and desires.

As one of our newer escorts, Nikky has done well in living up to our standards of quality experiences and singularly impressive service. With Nikky as your companion, you’ll come to learn that you don’t have to be a Boca Raton native to showcase the wonders of Boca Raton.