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A painter and a ballet dancer, Korina’s interests and hobbies allows her to be immersed in the more sophisticated arts, an ideal attribute for those in search for date for formal functions and social gatherings.

With Korina, you don’t have to worry if she is bored with a ballet performance or not, given the fact that her genuine interests deny her the chance to be bored in such occasions. In fact, you could even learn a thing or two about ballet, and if you’re the type who isn’t all that eager to watch a ballet performance, the evening could turn out to be an interesting one with Korina with you.

Though she may be a ballerina, in no way is Korina a prude when it comes to dancing, with this 27 year old escort more than willing to perform for you privately. Intimate evenings spent with Korina are, for sure, more interesting and exciting, with her take on the more sensuous sides of dancing being the highlight of the occasion.

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